US Looking Into Offshore Wind Farms

US Looking Into Offshore Wind Farms

A major announcement looks set to be made by the Federal government with the next few days, concerning offshore wind farms. Currently, the U.S. is lagging heavily behind Europe in terms of this renewable energy source, with zero offshore plants existing anywhere in the U.S.

Offshore wind plants work in a similar way to onshore wind farms, with turbine being used to gather energy from the wind. Offshore wind plants have more possibilities, as the winds over the seas are more stable and steady than the land based winds. Onshore wind farms have been met with debate in areas they have been placed, with many in the community not wanting the plants near their homes, fearing noise, interrupted sleeping, lowered housing values and destruction of picturesque views. This is despite also understanding the need of renewable energy sources to overtake the reliance on fossil fuels. These arguments will be null and void with offshore wind farms in place.

Also, these plants do not produce any toxic waste, and cause no pollution to the environment, something that fossil fuels and nuclear power does.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Energy Secretary Steven Chu are set to discuss this while in Norfolk, with the hopes of reaching an agreement to start setting up wind farms offshore in the Atlantic Ocean. They will be looking into possible wind power projects, and the offers put on the table by developers. To be looked into as well is to identify of possible sites, and the leasing of seabed land to developers.

It is hoped by Salazar that the 11 states that have the Atlantic Ocean on their shores will all be involved in this initiative, and looks set to have the governors of these states involved in discussions and further planning into the future of offshore wind farms. The plan is, if there are no problems or disagreements, to have seabed land ready to lease by late this year, early 2012.

If this goes ahead, it will put America on level footing with Europe, and also China, who have recently shown off their first offshore wind farm.

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