Superbowl Powered By Wind

Superbowl Powered By Wind

Texas, to many people, is known as a land of gun lovers and those who go yeehaw when something goes right. Despite these stereotypes, it is currently the leading state in America for wind power capacity. This is a great boost for Texas, as this area has created more jobs and training for the population, as well as helping to maintain the lights on for many homes during times when there could have been mass blackouts.

Last week, the Great Plains area, and other parts of the Texas, started to suffer from the effects of extremely high and winds and freezing temperatures. These factors contributed to the failing of some energy plants that relied on fossil fuels, causing ruptured pipes and other problems. Thankfully, however, the energy produced by wind power plants was able to lower the severity of these rolling blackouts during the peak morning period. The newer technology was able to withstand the poor and freezing weather conditions and kept Texas running almost as normal.

The Superbowl, one of the biggest sporting events in the U.S. and broadcast to millions of viewers over the country and the world, was powered using wind energy credits. The total wind energy credits used was 100%, meaning the entire Superbowl was powered using this energy. According to the NFL’s website, the power in the stadium before, after and during the match was due to these credits, as well as the food stores around the stadium, the jumbo sized screens and numerous cameras around the ground, halftime performance and the stadium lighting were all powered by wind energy. Not only that, but the four hotels used for those involved in the Superbowl were also fuelled by wind power, in a welcomed move that shows foresight and thinking.

It is hoped that other sporting events around the U.S. and the world will take heed from this event, and also use renewable energy credits and resources when promoting and running their event.

The wind farm sector was thanked for it’s role in keeping Texas powered, as well as delivering the energy needs of the NFL’s Superbowl.

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