Renewable Energy Debate

Renewable Energy Debate

Renewable energy and power sources have been the cause of debate for many, many years. This debate has follow a very similar path as many other big projects, such as airports, coal power plants, refineries, hazardous waste dumps etc. The common perception of the public is ‘Not in my backyard’, as many fears come from having one of these close by. Lowered housing value, more noise than usual, pollution and a lower quality of life than was previous expected. While many understand that to keep up with the wants of life, there must be certain concessions made.  To give power to your house, someone has to live near the power plant that produces the electricity used. It’s just a fact of life, however, there’s a large voice against this.

The wind industry is the new enemy of those who feel the ‘not in my backyard’ mentality. Many complain that their housing value will be lowered; they are suffering from insomnia due to the noise; or even that their views aren’t as atheistically pleasing as they once were. This is despite the desperate need to change to renewable and green energies, as our fossil fuel reserves are running low due to over consumption and misuses.

The experts arguing these points contradict each other, and it is hard to decide which side or point is right. One expert may speak of the insomnia caused by the wind turbines as effecting quality of life, while the opposing expert speaks of the turbines only being as loud as a household dishwasher. For those who aren’t affected by living in an area marked out for a renewable energy plant, this can make decisions making harder, especially if it is worth the cost involved in going green.

While there is a cost in turning to renewable energy sources, it is seemingly inevitable that this is the future. The projects and plants put in place help to provide jobs in a safe and secure area, as well as training in both non-technical skills and technical positions.  The money invested has the possibility to make a long-term profit for those invested, as well as helping to keep many in employment.

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