Rajasthan Government announces State Solar Policy

Rajasthan Government announces State Solar Policy

Most parts of India have 250 to 300 clear sunny days per year, while the annual radiation is comparable with radiation in tropical and subtropical countries which means that the country has great potentials in solar energy generation. Rajasthan, the largest state in India at the border with Pakistan to the west has the highest amount of solar radiation in India and according to the US Department of Energy the second largest amount of radiation in the world which makes the state an ideal place for solar power generation.

The Rajasthan government is aware of its potentials in solar energy industry and has announced a state solar policy with an aim to encourage solar energy production and investments into solar energy technology. The state receives virtually perfect solar radiation, while the average annual rainfall is very low. This makes it an ideal place for solar energy generation, while the state’s government has clearly shown an ambition to become the leading energy producer in the Republic of India. Rajasthan government also estimates that it has a capacity to produce over 100,000 MW from solar energy.

In order to encourage initiatives and investments into solar technology, a committee was appointed by the Rajasthan government. According to the Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation the committee will materialize the government’s announcements concerning solar energy policy and has announced to finalize it soon after it receives the public response to the government’s plan.

Rajasthan has all the potentials to establish itself as one of the world’s leading producers of solar energy and provide energy security to India from sustainable energy sources. Its government’s ambition in the field of solar energy generation is also expected to improve the economic situation of both the state and its population which mostly depends on agriculture.

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