New Solar Power Plant For Arizona

New Solar Power Plant For Arizona

With the need for changing habits from reliance on fossil fuels to renewable green energies becoming more and more needed each year, large-scale projects are welcomed. Many governments, such as the U.S. government, are helping to fund projects and research in this area. A new development is being planned for the state of Arizona, with Sempra Generation’s Mesquite Solar 1 project set to construct hundreds of thousands of Suntech polycrystalline solar modules. The plan is to start construction on this development have way through 2011, and have the project completed by 2013.

This new project will help to generate over 350,000 megawatts of power, all of which will be green, clean and carbon free. This will save over 200,000 tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of 40,000 cars being taken off the road. When working to full capacity, this plant will have the ability to power 50,000 homes with the area. It will also be one of the largest solar facilities of this type in the world; with plans to extend it’s capacity and potential over the follow years. Around 200 jobs will be created, as well as new training programs for those interested in gaining employment in a new area.

This is phase one of a bigger project, with 150MW being the initial capacity. It is planned to raise this number to 700MW when the development has been completed. This will be a huge boost to reducing carbon emissions, and will hopefully drive down power costs to homes and families.

The factory making the solar panels is also own by Suntech, and is contained very close to the site marked for the project, being in Goodyear, Arizona, 45 kilometers away from the site. Due to the increased need and want of solar panels, this manufacturing plant has been redeveloped to be able to meet the need of North America.

Sempra Generation is a subsidy of Sempra energy, who also have plans to build a wind power facility in Baja California, Mexico. This new facility will have a capacity of 150MW, and is on track to be completed some time this year.

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