Merck announces Presentation of Innovative Products at FPD International

Merck announces Presentation of Innovative Products at FPD International

The German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA has announced that it will present its new and highly innovative products at the FPD International in Makuhari, Japan, one of the most famous and recognized events in the flat screen (flat panel display) industry which is going to be held from November 10th to 12th. Merck products will be exhibited in the segments for video display, lightning and photovoltaics.

In the video display industry, Merck will show its new technology called Polymer-Stabilized-Vertical-Alignment (PS-VA) which promises improved contrast, intense and more natural colors, greater spacial depth and brightness as well as better energy efficiency in LCD TVs. The Merck’s new technology bases on use of innovative materials and sophisticated production which is a part of the company’s line of liquid crystals known under brand name licristal. The company will also reveal more about its liquid materials for Blue Phase devices which is considered a new generation technology for rapid motion picture. Other Merck’s novelties in the segment video display will include reactive mesogen materials for transflective LCDs and 3D displays known under brand name licrivue.

In lightning segment, Merck will present a wide range of lightning materials for LED technology under brand name isiphor and more livilux materials for OLEDs using small molecules. The company will also display a wide range of printable organic electronic materials under brand name lisicon which primarily target manufacturers of organic solar cells, flexible displays and organic RFID chips, while its isishape products such as HiperEtch are believed to be used in next generation touchscreens and flexible displays.

Merck has also announced presentation of its materials for colored electrophoretic displays under the brand name lisiflex.

All the above mentioned Merck’s materials are environmentally friendly and enable green manufacture as well as provide better energy efficiency of the devices containing the brand’s products.

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