Intel Purchases More RECs

Intel Purchases More RECs

Over the years, computer chip designer and manufacturer Intel have been one of the leaders in renewable energy credit (REC) purchases. In 2010, Intel purchased 1.43 billion kilowatts hours, and has furthered that commitment by 75% for 2011, taking the total amount of kilowatt-hours to 2.5 billion. The 1.43 billion kilowatts powered 85% of Intel’s power consumption across their U.S. facilities. This is on top of having nine solar panel stations being built, and located at their Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon and Israel offices, providing 3.8 million kilowatt hours.

Intel have been buying RECs for many years, and have constantly looking at ways to keep their power sources green and use renewable energies, as well as helping other places to utilize solar panel energy. Intel is hoping to lower the cost of renewable energy for the average consumer with its efforts. Hoping to help reduce carbon emission, reliance on fossil fuels, and lowering the carbon footprint left by Intel and the population. It hopes to do this not just in the U.S, but around the world as well. Intel sees this as a priority for the company, and has shown a strong commitment, which has never waned.

Intel’s renewable energy portfolio looks very impressive, and constitutes the nine solar panels built, along with wind, solar, geo-thermal, small hydroelectric and biomass sources. This has been at a cost of $45 million, over 1,500 different projects across the U.S. The energy produced by these projects could power 69,000 homes across the U.S. for a year, without the pollution or waste caused by fossil fuels.

Intel have been rewarded for their efforts, being at the top of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) list of contributors to renewable energies, as well as receiving the honor of EPA’s Green Power Leadership Award. Currently, Intel is the number one purchaser of RECs, and look set to continue this trend into the future.

The 2.5 billion kilowatt hour purchase is equivalent to the power usage of 218,000 average American homes, or, in different terms, 202 gallons of gasoline. By doing this, Intel are helping and achieving aims that will help to change the habits of many across the U.S. and the world.

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