Florida Researching Electricity Usage

Florida Researching Electricity Usage

Research is being done in Florida by the UCF in order to understand the usage (And mis-usage.) of electricity in the average Floridian’s home. It is believed that by 2020, the average cost to the electricity bill for the population will rise by $85. Currently, there is a decrease in the use of electricity, while prices for this utility are rising, and look set to continue to rise into the future. The answer to this, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center is to educate people on how to be more energy efficient around their homes, based on research done tailor-made to their usage and requirements.

The research is done in a novel and inventive way, using two houses set up and monitored to find the usage of the average home. Experimentation using different methods to find out what can be done to lower usage, and avoid mis-usage. It is a possibility that many houses attempting to save power may be failing to notice any wasted electricity. This can be in the form of not turning television, fans and heaters, computers, or other power using household items that can be turned off, but often aren’t.

The houses were built and designed to only allow sun to enter in at certain hours of the day, as solar panels were put in place to see how they save money and electricity. The problem with solar panels is the expense to initially have them installed, and also that some houses may not be able to have these installed. The savings over the long period, however, will be greater than the initial cost and will save the household a lot of money.

The UCF, which is helping out FSEC with its research, is also looking to educate students on saving energy. It is also getting students involved in activities and the research. The plan is to have 10 different environmental organizations around the campus, each with a different focus and goal. Since 2007, one of the college’s aims has been to help their students, and society, to be more energy wise, and educate on renewable energies.

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