Evergreen Solar Moves to China

Evergreen Solar Moves to China

Evergreen Solar is a big company in the solar industry. It is the 3rd largest solar panel producer in the United States at the moment, and it evolves and grows all the time. However, due to high production costs in USA, the company is moving it’s production to China. This comes as a surprise, particularly due to the fact that the company rose to the top so quickly after being funded by the Massachusetts’ government.

The part of Evergreen Solar that is moving to China is their main production facility located in Devons, Massachusetts. They are planning to lay off nearly 1000 workers, and move the whole production to China. Evergreen Solar representatives said that they are enjoying a huge support from the Chinese government and are very glad to move.

It is true that solar panel production is only a small part of the whole US energy production. However, the concerns about climate changes and energy deficit are affecting the energy sector, and all the renewable energy facilities (especially producers) are rising. Although the American government is supporting the producers in this sector, Chinese are getting way ahead offering a much larger support for producers in the renewable energy sector.

It is estimated that over 50% of the global production in the renewable energy sector is located in China.

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