Even Saudi Arabia is Turning to Renewable Energy

Even Saudi Arabia is Turning to Renewable Energy

When a country that doesn’t have much oil reserves turns to renewable energy, it can be considered as a normal thing to do. However, when a country which is labeled as an oil giant with reserves of around 270 billion barrels announces that it is exploring alternative ways of generating electricity, it is surprising (but clever).

Although Saudi Arabia, if they would keep producing the same amounts of oil as now has reserves which could last for around 80 years, they are concerned about their own, domestic energy consumption. It is significantly increasing and could eventually limit the country’s export. The country currently needs around forty gigawatts to satisfy its demands, while it is estimated that in 20 years that number will rise to one hundred and twenty gigawatts.
“We have started to take the required steps to utilize solar and nuclear energy,” said Ali al-Naimi, the oil minister. He also noted that the saying “energy derived from fossil fuels is different than that from renewable sources” doesn’t hold water anymore, and that the world needs all the energy they can get.

Government’s representatives said that their basic goal is to meet the demands of the domestic market from renewable sources, thus leaving them more oil for export.

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