Edison Mission Energy has started the Construction of Community Wind North Project in Minnesota

Edison Mission Energy has started the Construction of Community Wind North Project in Minnesota

A subsidiary of Edison International, Edison Mission Group has stated its subsidiary Edison Mission Energy has started the construction of its wind project in Minnesota (10th in a row). The wind farm called the Community Wind North project in Lincoln County in the southwestern Minnesota will be powered by 12 2.5-megawatt turbines and will produce enough electricity for approximately 10,000 households. All produced electricity will be bought by Xcel Energy’s Northern States Power Company according to the 20-year purchase agreement.

The Community Wind North was developed jointly by Southwest Wind Consulting LLC, Lincoln County Enterprise Development and the Community Energy Developers Board, while the U.S. Department of Agriculture gave it a grant. Conrad Schardin, the president of Community Energy Developers has stated that the project was envisioned by the late David Norgaard and some other visionaries from Southwest Minnesota who saw an opportunity for development of a large scale wind farm in the area.

The project that started in 2003 is scheduled to be completed in the mid-2011 and will create 30 construction jobs and numerous indirect employment opportunities. It also foresees local initiatives as well as local investors. In addition, the Community Wind North is estimated to provide a long term benefit to its local investors, while the landowners will receive compensation for land easements and leases.

Total investment in the Community Wind North project is $58 million, while the local communities and the state will receive about $28 million in fees and taxes over the following two decades.

Edison Mission Group is one of the largest wind energy project developers in the United States and has a total of 29 projects operating or being under construction in ten US states. The Group’s wind projects have a total electricity production capacity of over 1,800 megawatts.

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