Eastern Christian School Goes Solar

Eastern Christian School Goes Solar

The Eastern Christian School, a private school from New Jersey, has announced that they have decided to go fully solar. The school has several buildings which numerous solar panels are being installed on.

John Belanus, the director of operations at Eastern Christian School, said that they are very happy to be able to do this. “By installing solar panels onto our buildings, we can produce all the energy that our school needs”, says Belanus. He also added that the school will keep its connection to the public electricity network, just in case they need it on “bad” days. However, he thinks that this is just a precaution measure — he reckons that the school will be able to produce more energy than it needs on “good” days, and will be able to sell it to power companies.
Another thing that makes this project great is that almost 700,000 pounds of CO2 will be eliminated from the air.

The project is being financed by a federal grant and tax credits (for which the school needed to start a separate company which will handle all aspects of this project). This project is supposed to bring in over six million dollars in revenue over the next twenty years.

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