China’s Investment into Green Technology

China’s Investment into Green Technology

According to the United States Energy secretary Steven Chu the Chinese investments in renewable energy could help his administration convince the climate change skeptics not to give up on the United States.

While on a visit in Ireland, the winner of the Nobel prize in Physics has said that he knows about Chinese efforts to reduce carbon emissions and create sustainable jobs. Dr Chu also stated that the recent Republican victory in the United States House of Representatives elections could cause problems to the administration’s strategy for climate change and energy which greatly depends on renewable energy sources.

On the other hand, Dr Chu believes that actions in China and Europe to reduce the emissions and progress in green technologies will not go unnoticed by climate change doubters in the United States and that they will not want to stay behind. In his speech after the tour of the Wavebob marine energy facility in Co Kildare, Dr Chu also emphasized that the climate change and energy security will require an industrial revolution.

Dr Chu also commented the Irish strategy for renewable energy and said that Ireland should continue to subsidize investments in renewable energy technology. The United States already gave 1.8 million euros to Wavebob and Dr Chu stated that the administration has a fund of 64 billion euros for innovations in green technologies. He also urged the scientists and inventors to view new green technologies as an opportunity.

The United States energy and climate change policy will aim to create a low emission infrastructure and improve energy efficiency and both transport and homes. But Dr Chu also said that the United States will not give up nuclear energy (describing it as a clean source of energy) which will remain an important feature of the United States energy policy.

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