Central America Using Renewable Energy

Central America Using Renewable Energy

While many of the more developed nations of the world are struggling to lead the way in regards to renewable energy use, there are a few developing nations in Central America which are fast becoming world leaders in the green energy revolution. A country such as Australia has the capabilities of having a massive solar power industry, the funds and resources to build the infrastructure and the manpower to maintain these power sources is falling well behind many developing nations, which is a cause for embarrassment and the asking of some questions of the policies and priorities in place.

For the year 2009, six Central American countries were using around 61% of their nation power grid on renewable energy sources. This means that their countries are becoming involved in a growing area, are helping to lead the world in these changes (Which have to be introduced all over the world.) and showing many more developed nations up, showing the rhetoric and inaction of many who proclaim to be wanting to go green.

The six countries are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, all of which are using around 61% of the energy used being renewable, according to a report from Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, (CEPAL) for 2009. This is split up into separate categories for the different renewable energy sources used, with hydropower accounting for 47.5%, geothermal for 7.9%, biomass for 4.4% and wind power for 1.1%. As for the rest, 37.3% was produced from oil and 1.8% from coal.

These countries do have a very different current system as developed nations, as they are able to build new renewable energy plants without having to perform a complete overhaul of the current power grid. The U.S. for example, has had much money invested into the power grids and have spent many decades on putting in infrastructure for coal and oil power. This makes it harder for developed nations to redevelop their systems into a greener form.

Costa Rica stands as the leader, with 95% of their power coming from renewable energies. Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala are using between 53 to 57%, with only Honduras and Nicaragua below 50%.

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