Austin supports Renewable Energy

Austin supports Renewable Energy

Austin Energy that supplies electricity to the Texas capital is focused on providing its customers renewable energy, in first place wind power generated energy. On November 3, its Senior Strategy Engineer Mark Kapner revealed more about the energy sources of the city as well as about the future plans at the Ecology and the Environment Freshmen Studies class.

Kapner emphasized that wind power is the best source of clean energy in Texas that is the leading producer of wind power in the United States. Despite that electricity generated from renewable sources represent only 7 percent of Texas’ sources of energy. The remaining 93 percent of energy derive from natural gas, coal and nuclear power.

However, Kepner noted that the state did not produced any energy from renewable sources over one decade ago and that he expects that the current 7 percent will at least double by year 2015. The forecasted increase of green energy supply will be probably due to growth of wind power which is according to Kepner the largest and the fastest growing source of renewable energy in Texas. If his estimation is true the Austin Energy will supply its customers more green electricity which is already offered by the electricity provider’s GreenChoice program since year 2000.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory repots that the Austin Energy sells more electricity from renewable sources than any other nation’s electricity supplier through its GreenChoice program. The price for clean electricity is initially higher that electricity generated from conventional sources. The costumers of the GreenChoice program pay a fixed price per kilowatt hour over a period of five years. However, the price is higher for few cents only. On the other hand, the fixed rate per kilowatt hour can be more favorable in case if fuel price increases.

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