About us

RenewableEnergySpot is a website completely dedicated to renewable energy. We strongly believe that renewable energy is our future, and therefore we wanted to create a web presentation where our visitors can read the latest news on all types of renewable energy. Our visitors can also find many informative articles and guides that can help them to fully understand the world of renewable energy.

The RenewableEnergySpot team currently consists of 5 people:

Jess White (jessATrenewableenergyspot.com), editor in chief
David R. Braflowsky (david@renewableenergyspot.com), writer
Linda Harris (linda@renewableenergyspot.com), writer
Mikka Devotten (mikka@renewableenergyspot.com), writer
Alla Spryyr (alla@renewableenergyspot.com), contributor

If you’d like to join our team, feel free to contact us.