A New Solar Facility In India

A New Solar Facility In India

Mahagenco, a power generation company from Maharashtra State in India has announced that they are going to set up a new solar power plant in Chandrapur. The capacity of the new solar facility will be 4MW. This is just another project that’s being done by Mahagenco in this state. Their plan is to make this state viable of producing almost 130MW of energy within the next 2 years.

The company also reported which solar technologies they are going to use for the plant — half of the energy (2MW) will be produced by using crystalline photovoltaics, while the other half will be produced by using thin film photovoltaics.
The project will be financed from two sources — 3/4 will be provided by a loan from the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency, and the remaining 1/4 will be provided by Mahagenco itself.
The plant will be constructed and built by two Indian companies — Megha Engineering and Instant Energy.

The company has already signed an agreement with NVYN who will buy the power produced at $0.39 per unit. The plan is to produce over 6 million units per year.

The project will be finished by June 2011.

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